What Are UM Students Busy With?

Text:UM Reporters Grace Chen, Bobo Sio & Hong Xuancu
Photo:UM Reporters Grace Chen, Hong Xuancu, with some provided by the interviewees
Issue 83 November My UM

When you were in high school, you were encouraged by your parents to study hard. They probably said something like, ‘Don’t begrudge working hard now. Once you get into college, you can lie back and relax.’ Eventually, you did get into college, only to find yourself even busier than before. If you feel this way, you are not alone. In fact, many UM students have jam-packed schedules every day. Why is everyone so busy? In this issue, we interviewed several UM students to find out. Working as a Student

Left:Lai Iat Meng Right:Wong Qai Shan


Wong Qai Shan, a second-year student from the Department of Accounting and Information Management and a member of the Honours College, is a serious student and an active participant in extracurricular activities. She is a student helper in UM’s Office of Sports Affairs, a project coordinator for the English Table in Shiu Pong College, a member of the Rock Climbing Team, and an organiser of activities in her residential college. She says, ’You are supposed to live your college life to the fullest.’

Running a Shop

Lai Iat Meng, a fourth-year student from the Department of Economics, runs a shop in the Student Activity Centre, which provides a variety of services for UM staff and students, such as collecting parcels, repairing and selling bikes, transporting lab equipment, and selling flowers. Commenting on the courier boxes that litter his shop, Lai says, ‘There is a growing demand for courier collection service in the new academic year, which has increased our workload.’

Left:Liu Weihang Right:Wan Yingjia

Key Member of Student Associations

Wan Yingjia, a second-year student in the Bachelor of Education (English) programme, is the head of the Secretariat of the Model United Nations Association under the UM Students’ Union, as well as a member of the UM English Debating Team and a musical group in Cheong Kun Lun College. She says, ‘As long as you sort out your priorities, be selective about what you commit yourself to, and plan ahead, you will be able to cope with the competing demand for your time.’

Liu Weihang, a third-year student from the Department of Finance and Business Economics, is the vice treasurer general of the Students’ Union. He is mainly responsible for finding external funding for SU’s sub-associations and preparing their financial reports. He is involved in almost every activity organised by the SU. His major requires him to write a lot of papers and reports, most of which need to be done in collaboration with his classmates. He says, ‘I have many thoughts on economics, so no matter how busy I am, I always find the time to work with my classmates to complete the assignments. ’

Left:Wong Wui Tong Right:Huang Lesheng

Being an Intern Teacher

Wong Wui Tong, a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Education (Pre-primary Education) programme, currently interns in a local kindergarten. She also teaches a Mandarin interest class in the kindergarten on Saturdays. Despite the busy daily schedule, she derives great satisfaction from her work. ‘Small things, like teaching the students to write a simple character, or hearing them call me Miss Wong, makes me feel so happy,’ she says.

Preparing for the MA Entrance Exam

Huang Lesheng, a second-year student of biomedical sciences, hopes to enter a good overseas graduate school for further studies. With this goal in mind, he works hard to improve his English. He even joined the English Group in Shiu Pong College. ‘English is an important skill for daily communication and for my graduate studies,’ he says.