A Weekend at UM

Text:Trainee UM Reporters Eric Lei & Sophia Sou  │ Photo:Senior UM Reporter Ginnie Liang │  Issue 95  January My UM

What is the UM campus like on weekends? To find out, we walked around the campus on a warm weekend in winter. It turns out that although there were no classes on the weekend, the campus was bustling as ever. We met not only UM faculty, staff, and students, but also visitors from outside the campus. In fact, there were people everywhere, playing basketball on the outdoor basketball courts, taking a leisurely walk by the lake, or simply lazing around on the lawn.

Ivan(2nd from right)

The final exam was still ongoing, and we saw some students playing basketball on the court. Ivan, a third-year student in Lui Che Woo College and a member of the UM Football Team, said that sports helped him deal with stress. ‘I am sweating off my stress,’ said Ivan, adding that he enjoyed studying in the library.

UM alumni are among those who visit the campus on the weekends

On the wooden deck by the covered walkway between the Central Teaching Building and the Humanities and Social Sciences Building, we met six young people who were having a picnic. Most of them are UM alumni. They were having self-prepared salad while chatting and enjoying the nice view by the lake. One of them was Ryan, a recent graduate of the Department of Economics. ‘This is the first time we have done a picnic at UM,’ said Ryan. ‘The beautiful environment makes it even better.’

Two children play by the lake  

Later in the afternoon, we met two children, named Edo and Natthew, by the lake outside the Faculty of Education building. They were stone skipping, and the way the stones bounced off the water surface made them very excited. In the company of their parents, they observed the fish in the lake. ‘Sometimes you can see very large fish,’ said Edo. ‘if you are lucky,’ chimed in Natthew.

Lo and her son

Many UM staff members also like to return to the campus to spend the weekends with their families. We met a lady surnamed Lo, whose husband works at UM. Lo and her family visited UM on that day to enjoy the nature and help their son apply for a library card. It was late afternoon and the sun was warm on our shoulders. We saw Lo’s son running around the pedestrian path, as his parents walked behind him, watching his back.


Early in the evening, we met Chan, a worker that takes care of bodies of water on campus, at one of the lakes. At this hour, the lake is golden, decorated with tree shadows and the silhouette of the Central Teaching Building from the opposite side. Behind the lake is the flowery Central Avenue. Chan has worked at UM for three years and his duty entails removing rubbish and weeds from the lakes. Although it was a weekend, he remained at his post to keep the campus clean. ‘The campus is beautiful and the air is fresh. This environment makes me happy at work,’ said Chan. ‘I love my job and those who make an effort here will be rewarded.’