RC: A ‘Home’ for Students to Showcase Their Talents

Text: Senior UM Reporter Ginnie Liang, UM Reporter Amy Tung │ Photo: Chief UM Reporter Steven Lo, UM Reporter Lyon Tan │ Issue 87 My UM March 2019

The University of Macau’s (UM) residential colleges (RC) offer a home-away-from-home for students. In addition to a comfortable living environment, the RCs provide a multifaceted education for the young adults to nurture their various non-academic soft skills. The RCs also serve as a platform for college members to fulfill their potential by showcasing their talent during their free time.

Pang Yayuan

Performing with Music Maestros

On a sunny afternoon, I walked by Moon Chun Memorial College (MCMC) and heard violin music coming from the building. It was so beautiful that I felt as if I were travelling back in time to a tranquil medieval European town. The music was played by Pang Yayuan, a third-year student in the Department of Economics and MCMC. Playing the violin is her favourite college activity.

Pang started playing the violin in her childhood and has passed the Grade 10 violin examination for amateurs offered by the Central Conservatory of Music of China. With the support of Prof Kevin Thompson, master of MCMC, Pang has performed multiple times at the college’s High Table Dinner as well as gatherings of the chambers of commerce of different countries. According to Pang, her most unforgettable performance took place at a charity dinner gathering organised by the France Macau Chamber of Commerce. Pang describes that night as a thrilling experience. ‘They changed the concert programme that I had prepared for the performance,’ says Pang.  ‘The music maestro in the concert decided to give an improvised performance.’ The maestro is Gene Moon, director of orchestral studies at Collinsworth School of Music at California Baptist University. After the performance, Pang told Moon that her performance was terrible and she could not keep up with his improvisation. Yet the maestro told her that she already did a very good job, and encouraged her to practise harder.


Chiang Hio Fai

Over 200 Videos Produced

For Chiang Hio Fai, a third-year student in the Department of Communication and Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College, college life has inspired him to create videos and start a career as a YouTuber. Chiang likes to make video recordings of the details of his daily life. Without a lot of filming equipment when he started, he recorded many videos with his phone. In the past two years, Chiang gradually acquired more equipment and created more than 200 videos. So far he has gathered a view count of more than 60,000 on his channel. Chiang likes to apply what he learned from a photography course and always looks to try new styles. ‘If you are a sincere person, you will shine wherever you go,’ says Chiang.

Leong Ka Wai (middle) and the CKYC Cheerleading Team

Platform to Showcase Dance Skills

Leong Ka Wai, also a third-year student in the Department of Communication, joined the Choi Kai Yau College Cheerleading Team when she entered college. At the beginning, she only wanted to find a reason to keep practising dancing. Because of her passion for dancing, she continued to improve her skills and was later promoted to the leader of team. During an inter-college cheerleading competition in 2018, standing on the shoulders and hands of her teammates, Leong managed to pull off difficult high jumps and somersaults. Her outstanding skills created a lot of excitement for the audience. Under her leadership, the Choi Kai Yau College Cheerleading Team won its fifth consecutive championship.  ‘I love the cheerleading team because it lets me put my free time to good use,’ says Leong.