I enjoy travelling, because…

 Text :UM Reporters Miko Jin, Sylvan Zhuang & Yuki Huang │  Photo: Provided by the interviewees │  ISSUE88 April2019 MyUM

The world is huge, and many of us would like to see more of it. Many UM members are keen to learn about the cultures of dif ferent places in order to broaden their horizons and develop a global mindset. For this reason, travelling has become a common way for students to seek personal development, in addition to participating in exchange trips and internship programmes.

Henry, Guo Haoran

Each Trip is an Adventure
Henry, Guo Haoran, a second-year student in the Department of Finance and Business Economics and Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sum College, is a travel guru. He has been to Europe, Australia, the Americas, the Middle East, and many major cities in the Greater China region. According to Henry, from his travelling experience he has learned to communicate with people of dif ferent roles and handle various emer gencies. ‘One cannot fully learn about a place by simply reading about it, or seeing it on the TV,’ says Henry. ‘To get a full picture, one must experience the local culture himself. You must put down your ego and enjoy the trip as an adventure.’

 Selina, He Sui

Broadening Horizons
Selina, He Sui, a third-year student in the Department of Finance and Business Economics, says that she became fond of travelling at a young age thanks to the influence of her family. She has been to many places, including more than 20 countries and regions, in Asia, North America, and Europe. She wants to continue to see more of the world as a student. According to Selina, her trip in Switzerland left a deep impression. ‘I was on my way to buy breakfast. People on the street smiled at me and said “good morning” to me,’ says Selina. ‘When I passed by a flower shop, an older lady offered me a bouquet of flowers for free and wished me a wonderful day. I felt very warm.’ She says that travelling can help to broaden people’ s horizons, allow them to experience other cultures, and provide an opportunity to relax.

Tiffany, Chen Shih-Ya

Experiencing the Local Culture
Tiffany, Chen Shih-Ya, a fourth-year student in the Department of Communication, has participated in two summer exchange trips, through which she toured more than ten countries in Europe and Asia. As the captain of the UM Fencing Team, she has been to many big cities in mainland China for competitions. She visited Portugal in 2016 during the UEF A European Football Championship. As she recalls, on the day of the final game, the roads were crowded with people wrapped in different national flags. ‘When Portugal won the championship, it felt like the whole city was having a party,’ says Tiffany. ‘I happened to be wrapped in a towel with the Portuguese national flag. People I didn’ t know kept coming to me and gave me high fives and hugs. It felt like we were a family . The celebration didn’t stop until sunrise.’ Tiffany was very impressed with the football culture there. ‘Football brings people from all over the country together . In Portugal, every person is a football fan. Compared to sightseeing, it is more important to interact with local people and experience their culture.’