The Man Who Gives UM the Greatest Sense of Security


A sturdy build and a gentle and honest smile already give an impression of being faithful and reliable. Combine these with thirty years of experience in safety management and an always-prepared-for-any-danger-that-might-happen attitude, and what reason is there for Mr. Leung Chiu Ming’s not making the list of The Man Who Gives UM the Greatest Sense of Security? 

UM’s safety management expert Mr. Leung gives people a great sense of security

A Rich-experienced Safety Management Expert

Mr. Leung joined UM as the head of the Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO) last November. This safety management veteran with thirty years of professional experience and a meticulous approach to everything does not appear to differ much from an average Joe until you have a good chat with him to feel his professionalism.

Mr. Leung believes that there indeed exist many dangers in the workplace and everyday life that people may not be aware of but actually preventable, such as the most common slipping and accidental cutting. “Most people tend to assume that they have enough common sense to handle safety issues, and some bet on things like workplace accidents and fires not happening to them. Most people know what danger is, but not everyone bothers to take precautions,” said Mr. Leung.

When asked if he himself has had any first-hand experience with workplace accidents, Mr. Leung smiled: “Fortunately, no. However, under our existing education system, there are no subjects to teach students about everyday safety, whether at primary schools, secondary schools, or universities. I don’t think common sense alone is enough.”

Mr’s Leung explains the functions of this emergency light

Attention to On-campus Safety Details

With Mr. Leung at the helm, HSEO is responsible for a wide range of things, including safety of electrical appliances, fire prevention and laboratory safety. “As for health management, our responsibilities include prevention and control of contagious diseases,” explained Mr. Leung. “Sometimes we go to the canteen and the water tower for sample testing. On the environment front, we are responsible for energy conservation, paper recycling, waste recycling, etc.”

He said that he chose to join UM not least because UM attaches importance to safety, health and environmental protection. “UM has created an independent office to handle these issues. Of the ten universities in Hong Kong, only four—the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University—have similar departments,” said Mr. Leung. “Besides, UM implements the ISO 14000 standards, which none of the universities in Hong Kong does. I deeply believe that UM will better stretch me.”


Another reason that has drawn Mr. Leung to UM is the huge challenge presented by the new campus. “For the ongoing new campus project, every safety detail needs to be considered. We need to plan well before the construction starts. We hope to avoid changing and remedying things when problems arise after the construction is completed,” said Mr. Leung. “An important principle in safety management is prevention. Our workload on the new campus will no doubt be huge, but this is perhaps an opportunity you get only once in your lifetime, so I hope to do my best.”