English Corner(May)

By: Fei Chen, PhD student, Department of English │ ISSUE79 May2018 MyUM

Different verbs to use when we talk about eating

gnaw (at/on) something:
If people or animals gnaw something or gnaw at it, they bite it repeatedly.
Whenever engrossed in a book, he starts gnawing on his nails unwittingly.

nibble something:
If you nibble food, you eat it by biting very small pieces of it, for example because you are not very hungry.
Charlie stared into space, nibbling a biscuit, fatigued by the everlasting wait for his friend.

feast on something:
If you feast on a particular food, you eat a large amount of it with great enjoyment.
The hungry wolves were feasting on roast lamb.

devour something:
If a person or animal devours something, they eat it quickly and eagerly.
Coming home with an empty stomach, she devoured a pizza.

dig in something:
If you tell someone to dig in, you are inviting them to start eating, and encouraging them to eat as much as they want.
Emily bought us hot dogs and said ‘dig in’.

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