English Corner(October)

By: Lisa Li, PhD student of the Department of English, FAH│ ISSUE92 OCTOBER MyUM

Tips for Effective Studies
Mid-term exams are around the corner! Or perhaps you’ve already completed a few! Are you anxiously preparing for mid-terms, or have you given up on them? In either case, the following tips may help you relieve your anxiety and boost your confidence:

Tip #1
Study in intervals
Extended sessions with no breaks will not help you learn effectively. Try studying in intervals with five-minute short breaks. The time of the interval should best be customised to your personal concentration span. Once your concentration starts to falter, take a break. Have some coffee and get yourself some refreshing snacks, such as fruit. My personal advice is: do not resort to your phone for relaxation.

Tip #2
Outline and rewrite your notes with mind maps

Outlines help boil down information to the most basic components and mind maps can help you unravel your thoughts. The brain is a complex organ. Our thoughts start in one place and radiate out into all directions. Drawing mind maps can help you reflect in a systematic way on the knowledge that you have learnt.

Tip #3
Bring everything you need. Leave everything you don’t need.
Find an ideal place to study, such as a spot in the library. Before going to the library, bring everything necessary to create an efficient study environment and leave all objects of potential distraction behind in your dorm. One more principle to follow is that if you can study with your pen and paper, do not turn on the computer; if you have to use the computer, mute your phone and avoid checking the latest posts or moments.

Last but not the least, try to find some time for physical exercise. This will not only guarantee that you enjoy good health during this hectic time, but will also enhance your level of concentration and efficiency as well.

Contributions to this column are from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities