English Corner(February)

Lisa Li,  master’s student from the Department of English │ ISSUE76 February2018 MyUM

Valentine’s Day is nigh…

Are you planning to give candies and flowers to your loved one on this year’s Valentine’s Day? Why not! It is known to all that roses and chocolates are traditional symbols to unlock the heart of your beloved. However, spending quality time together is just as, if not more, important. Below are a few tips just to give you some ideas, some of them from a female perspective 


  1. Try to avoid distractions on this particular day

Clear your calendar and find a spot that is quiet enough so you can be fully present with your lover . It is worth mentioning that the mobile phone gets in the way of quality communication. To avoid distractions, try to put your phone away , and look into the eyes of your loved one.


  1. Express your sincerity

It doesn’t mean you have to keep talking and complimenting your loved on e. It might be overwhelming, or even backfire. Instead, just be warm and caring. Try to let your beloved express their feelings more. Also, a DIY card on Valentine’s Day conveys more sincerity than a store-bought version. Want to add a romantic touch? Why not write a poem on the card to tell your lover how special s/he is?


  1. Show appreciation to your friends and be extra nice to yourself

But what about people who are single? Are they supposed to be left out on this day? Not at all! The good news is that in Finland and some Latin countries, the Saint Valentine’s Day is considered the Day of Love and Friendship. It is not uncommon to see people perform ‘acts of appreciation’ for their friends instead of solely indulging themselves in ro mance. Also, you can make the time more enjoyable by doing something for yourself that you ha ve always wanted to do. Treat yourself to a spa, for instance. After all, the only companion we will always have is our own.


How do you plan to celebrate your Valentine’s Day? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Contributions to this column are from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities