English Corner(December)

By: Lisa Li, PhD student of the Department of English, FAH│ ISSUE94 DECEMBER My UM

The New Year is a time for new plans. Many of us make lists of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Interestingly, we often find that the same list repeats year after year. Although we realise that we failed to observe our resolutions, we still enjoy making the list. We’re determined to get up earlier each morning, eat less, find more time for our school work, clean our apartment, be nice to people we don’t like, drive carefully, and so on and so forth. Past experience has taught us that certain accomplishments are beyond attainable, and we ultimately feel frustrated by this knowledge. Therefore, understanding how to follow through with our resolutions and avoid frustration are now urgent matters. Here are a few tips.

1. Don’t be too ambitious, and don’t make too many ‘dos’, as you may never have enough time to accomplish these tasks. Instead, be realistic and narrow down your list to a practical and achievable number of items so that they can be addressed in your busy life.

2. Try not to announce your resolutions to the whole world since you may look foolish and feel embarrassed and disappointed if you slip back into your old ways. Any negative reactions about your plans may then harm your confidence. Therefore, keep your plans to yourself. That way, you can avoid trapping yourself in a vicious circle.

3. Remind yourself to be modestly ambitious. For example, instead of forcing yourself to skip dinner, you may consider having something light to eat, such as fruit. In fact, eating regular meals is healthy!

4. Above all, remember to go through each item on the list. Don’t simply leave your list on a piece of paper with a beautiful design. Instead, really use the list to inspire yourself. Don’t just wait and hope that the list will alter your lifestyle. The only thing you should bear in mind at all times is that YOU and YOU ALONE will put YOUR dos and don’ts into practice.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and successful Year of 2020!!

Contributions to this column are from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities