RC Displays a Model of Student Rooms

Text & Photo:Senior UM Reporter Katrina Zhang

Visitors to the Lui Che Woo College now don’t need to visit the students’ rooms to know how they look, thanks to a model displayed on the ground floor of the college. The model shows two double rooms connected by a bathroom, with each room equipped with two beds, two desks, two chairs, two chest of drawers, two closets, one shoe cabinet, and one refrigerator.

The residential college system is one of the factors which draw students to UM. A complement to the academic faculties, the RCs provide an ideal environment for whole-person education that aims to help students develop positive personality traits and soft skills. Herry, a freshman who joined an RC this year, says, ‘The RC is like our home. Every room is shared by two students and every bathroom is shared by four. So we must work together to keep our rooms and bathroom clean and tidy, and we’ve become good friends. The two students who share the bathroom with me are from different majors. They would check on me when I am sick, and give me advice on course selection. They care about me and help me whenever they can.’

The two adjoining rooms are connected by a common bathroom