Goodbye A&P Bookshop
Temporary Service Counter Available in E6

Text & Photo: Cravina Chong, UM Reporter Cloris Chen

31 August was the last day of business for the Academic & Professional Book Centre in the University Mall (S8) because of the expiry of the lease. The good news is that you can still order books on the bookshop’s website, which provides free delivery.

The Academic & Professional Book Centre in S8 has closed

A new bookshop is expected to open for business in November in the library (E2-G005). In the meantime, students who need to buy text books can visit the temporary service counter of the new bookshop in the Learning Commons on the ground floor of the E6 building. The temporary counter opens Monday through Saturday, from 9:30am to 6:30pm.

The temporary service counter for the new bookshop
to be opened in early October