The New Professional Photography Studio in CKPC

Text: UM Reporter Ann Kuok, Senior UM Reporter Savanna Lok │ Photo: Chief UM Reporter Steven Lo │ ISSUE92 October 2019 MyUM

Pi Studio, a photo studio established by students, opened on 11 September in Chao Kuang Piu College (CKPC). Because services for ID photos or studio shots are not very affordable for students outside the campus, the students came up with the idea of establishing a studio on campus to provide quality services for UM members at a lower price.

A Pi Studio production

Sponsored by the college, the studio is equipped with various types of professional gear and provides a variety of photography options, such as ID photos, artistic photos, group photos, graduation photos, and outdoor photos. The studio is located in Room G027 in CKPC. All services are provided by appointment only. For more information, please search the WeChat public account ‘CKPC Pi Studio’.