A New Picture Book Section in the Library

Text:UM Reporter Heddy Zhang  │ Photo:Ella Cheong, UM Reporter Heddy Zhang │  ISSUE 82 October My UM

In Area A4 on the second floor of the University of Macau (UM) Wu Yee Sun Library, you will find a newly-established Picture Book Section. The section is open to all Macao residents and aims to provide an environment for parents and their children to read together. Some early childhood education courses offered by the Faculty of Education will also take place here.

The Picture Book Section provides a very comfortable environment

Studies have shown that reading habits should be cultivated at an early age. Billy Leung, functional head of the Public Access and Reference Unit of the UM library says that the library supports the idea that parents should read together with their children.

The picture books are carefully selected by library staff and are suitable for parents and their children to read together

‘Reading with children will give them a different reading experience and help to eliminate the sense of loneliness in them,’ says Leung. ‘They will eventually become fond of reading and cultivate a good reading habit.’