The New ‘Data Wall’ in the Library

Text: Trainee UM Reporter Lam Cheng Fong  │ Photo: Senior UM Reporter Lyon Tan, Trainee UM Reporter Lam Cheng Fong  │ ISSUE 93 November MyUM

The UM Library has established a new ‘Data Wall’ on the ground floor to display important statistics about the university. This information includes the quantity and origins of students and staff members at UM, the number and citation frequency of research papers published by UM scholars, the daily number of visits to the library, the use of the library facilities, the latest collections, and recommended reading materials.

The ‘Data Wall’ also displays figures and graphs from the UM Scholars Page, such as co-occurrence maps, collaboration network maps, and keywords clouds, to highlight the university’s latest developments in scientific research.

The library plans to establish another ‘Data Wall’ in the University Hall, to enable UM members and visitors to learn more about the university.