A New Place to Relax on Campus

Text & Photo:Trainee UM Reporter Perseus Fong

Good news! There is now a new place to relax on campus. Two tables with chairs and parasols have been set up between the front entrance of the library and the Plaza Cultural Macao’s branch at UM. If you love reading, but hate being cooped up inside when it’s sunny outside, why not grab a book and enjoy your reading in this new rest area, in the company of sunshine, a nice breeze, and green plants? Or you can simply sit and daydream a little bit to recharge your batteries. Your call. A study from Stanford University found that students recorded a lower level of anxiety and performed better in memory tests after a one-hour stroll on the campus lawn. Other studies have pointed to similar findings—being in nature can help alleviate stress and fatigue. So next time you feel tired from studying, rather than turning to a cup of coffee, maybe you can come to this new rest area to refresh yourself.

The tables are surrounded by green plants