Laboratory of Brain and Learning

Photo: Saohou Wong │ ISSUE77 March2018 MyUM

Did you know that there is a Laboratory of Brain and Learning in the Faculty of Education? What does this lab do?

Left: A lab technician helps a subject put on the electrode cap to collect his brainwave data
Right: During the experiment, the subject can look at the computer screen to distract his attention

Founded in 2015, the lab mainly investigates brain functions and their involvements in cognitive processing. From a developmental perspective, researchers in the lab focus on development and learning of math and language of typically developing children and children with some learning disabilities, such as children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and dyslexia. By using event-related potential (ERP) measurements, researchers in the lab can obtain high-quality brain data with a high temporal resolution. Lab equipment can only be operated by professionally trained staff, and is not open to the public for the time being. But UM members and Macao residents who are interested in undergoing certain tests can email the lab at