The Makerspaces in Cheng Yu Tung College

Text:Davis Ip │ Photo:Ella Cheong, with some provided by CYTC │  Issue 95 January My UM

UM always encourages its students to put their creative ideas into action. The ten residential colleges at UM provide many platforms for students to explore and discover their talents. There are two makerspaces in the Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) created precisely for this purpose: the Sewing Room and the 3D Printing Room.

The 3D Printing Room

In the Sewing Room, there are old-fashioned sewing machines, automatic sewing machines, irons, sewing kits, and cloth for students to design their own needlework. The college also invites retired professionals to give courses from time to time. In the 3D Printing Room, there are two 3D printers for students to make everyday items such as phone cases and pencil bags.

Students design their own needlework in the Sewing Room

Come and try the two makerspaces. What you create not only can make great gifts that are one of a kind, but may also awaken the entrepreneur in you!