Exhibition of Red Envelopes
for the Year of the Dog

Text & Photo: UM Reporter Sally Liang │ ISSUE76 February2018 MyUM

There is an ongoing exhibition of red envelopes for the Year of the Dog in the currency museum in the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA). Displayed on the retro-style racks are red envelopes of different styles designed in different years, donated by the faculty members and staff from the FBA.

Pic on the left: UM Rector Yonghua Song (left) and FBA Dean Jacky So officiate at the opening ceremony for the exhibition

The exhibition is open Monday through Friday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Those who are interested should go take a look before it closes in April. And while you are there, don’t for get to check out the rare currencies and banknotes in the currency museum!

Different kinds of red envelopes