Southern Metropolis Daily N Video Editor-in-Chief
Shares Secret Recipe for Creating Hot Videos Sustainably

Text: Senior UM Reporter Ku Weng Hin, Trainee UM Reporter Elaine Yao │ Photo: Editorial Board

To help the new cohort of UM Reporters gain a better understanding of the basic skills of short video filming and production, the University of Macau (UM) Communications Office recently held an online workshop on short video production, as part of its PR workshop series. Chen Weibin, chief content officer of new media and editor-in-chief of N Video at Southern Metropolis Daily (SMD), was the speaker. In the workshop, Mr Chen shared the innovative narrative of SMD and N Video, the current trend towards videolisation of news both at home and abroad, as well as practical knowledge about the production and spread of short videos. Apart from UM Reporters, the workshop also attracted UM faculty, staff, and students.

Chen Weibin gives a workshop on the basics of short video production

How to Create Hot News Sustainably?

With 15 years of experience in the media, Mr Chen has a wealth of firsthand experience in news dissemination and video news production. He led his team to videolise print news of SMD and launched a new media platform ‘N Video’. In his workshop, he played a number of popular videos from N Video and analysed the factors contributing to their high click-through rates. According to him, short videos with a high click-through rate always include five ingredients: (1) close relevance to a hot social issue, (2) eye-catching image(s) or point(s) of view, (3) a punch line that causes the video to spread like wildfire, (4) an element of controversy that sparks heated debate, and (5) an emotional hook that makes the video resonate with the audience.

A group photo

Apart from the five ingredients listed above, Chen believes ‘originality’ is another secrete weapon in creating videos that rock on social media. ‘Short news videos should be creative in both content and format,’ says Chen. ‘Hot news like the COVID-19 pandemic, the National People’s Congress, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference are all over the internet, so how do you stand out from the competition? The answer is to be creative in format.’ He also points out that short videos that are inspirational and entertaining and speak up for the disadvantaged group are more likely to rise from obscurity and get noticed on the internet.

The poster for the workshop

How to Find Short Video Topics at UM?

For UM Reporters and other UM members who are interested in short video production, Chen encouraged them to work hard to create original content with warmth and value. One student asked about how to find interesting news topics on campus, to which Mr Chen answered that the university’s research breakthroughs and the stories of university members could be presented in videos as video provides a vivid and interesting way to tell stories.