New Members Join the UM Reporter and PR Student Ambassador Programmes

Chinese & English: UM Reporter Ku Weng Hin & Trainee UM Reporter Jasmine He  │ Photo: UM Reporter Ashley Kam & Editorial Board

The UM Reporter Programme and the PR Student Ambassador Programme have recruited a total of 84 new members this year. Recently, senior members of the two programmes organised orientation activities to help new members integrate into the team and gain a better understanding of the programmes.

The tenth cohort of members of the UM Reporter Programme in an orientation activity

The 12th cohort of members of the PRSA Programme in an orientation activity

During the events, Katrina Cheong, director of the Communications Office (CO), told the new members about the communications strategies of the university. She also encouraged them to use the opportunity to develop their talents and enhance their competitiveness.

CO Director Katrina Cheong tells new members about the two programmes and the university’s communications strategies

Du Zhiqing, a third-year psychology major, is a fan of photography. She says she hopes to improve her photography skills and develop a nose for news through the UM Reporter Programme. Steven Chen, a second-year student in the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), wants to reach his full potential in the UM Reporter programme. ‘I’m looking forward to writing news articles about UM, so that people around the world can learn more about our university,’ he says.

Elaine Yao, a second-year student in the FBA, is deeply interested in multimedia production. What she particularly likes about the UM Reporter Programme is that it offers many training opportunities for its members. ‘I hope I can work with my team members to promote UM on social media through short videos,’ she says. Luna Cao, a first-year student in the Department of the Communication, hopes to improve her writing and video production skills.

This year, the PRSA programme has also attracted many applications. Salvatore Jin, a first-year student majoring in English, joined the programme hoping to sharpen his event organisation and communication skills. Daisy Lei, a second-year student in the Department of Accounting and Information Management, says she felt the warmth of the senior members during the orientation activities. ‘I hope to improve my interpretation skills through the programme and become a more confident public speaker.’ says Lei.

Launched by the CO in 2012 and 2010, respectively, the UM Reporter Programme and the PRSA Programme recruit students from different faculties and departments. The UM Reporter Progamme is targeted at students who are interested in developing interview, writing, and multimedia skills, and offers a wide range of trainings, workshops, and exchange trips for participants. So far, over 360 students have received training in the programme. The PRSA Programme focuses on developing skills in guest reception, public relations, interpersonal communication, and event organisation. So far, it has trained over 500 student ambassadors, who have provided more than 1,700 guided tours for over 73,000 visitors from around the world.