Holocaust Survivor Eva Koralnik Gives a Talk at UM 

Text:Senior UM Reporter Ginnie Liang, UM Reporter Elcus Chan │ Photo:Senior UM Reporter Edison Un

On 17 January, a Holocaust Survivor Eva Koralnik (b. 1936, Budapest) came to the University of Macau (UM) to share her personal experience for the first time in English at the invitation of UM’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH). She hopes that Holocaust history will bring future generations not hatred but a profound lesson.

Eva Koralnik shares her personal experience

Eva Koralnik shared her personal stories and experiences about how she survived the holocaust from the Nazis. In her displaced life, she never gave up hope and gave thanks to those who saved her family in the Holocaust. “if you have seen the dark side of humanities, and once you get over it, you’ll see the light much brighter.” Eva said.

The talk attracts a full-house audience

Following a 91-year-old survivor Werner Reich, Eva Koralnik is the second one to be invited by Associate Professor Glenn Timmermans from FAH, who teaches Holocaust study in UM.

There’s no such thing as holocaust then, because I was living in it.