East Asian Model United Nations Conference 2018: Voice of Tomorrow

Young Diplomats Meet at UM

Text:UM Reporter Shakhawat Hossain Shuvoraj │ Photo:UM Reporter Shakhawat Hossain Shuvoraj, with some provided by organizer and interviewee

Do you know how to establish a good public image and practise diplomacy? Can you debate with or give a speech to different people from around the world? The model United Nations conferences may fulfill all these needs on a single platform.

Students from different parts of the country at the EAMUNC

The four-day East Asian Model United Nations Conference (EAMUNC) took place at the University of Macau (UM) from 30 March to 2 April. The event attracted more than 100 students from different universities in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

First launched in 2015, the EAMUNC is held annually at UM by the Model United Nations Association (MUNA) under the University of Macau Students’ Union. Drawing enthusiasm and aspiration from the United Nations’ spirit, the MUNA has always been a pioneer and has inherited the good quality of enterprising gumption. This year marks the fourth edition of the EAMUNC. The event was organised by MUNA in association with UM and was supported by Tertiary Education Services Office of the Macao SAR government.

Students reap friendships at the EAMUNC

Through preparing for and participating in the conference, students can develop skills in research, public speaking, technical writing, and small-group negotiation. At the conference, participants are required to immerse themselves in learning about the challenges facing the international community. They need to address some of the most controversial issues, such as global security, human rights, and development and sustainability.

Let’s see what the guests and participants think about the EAMUNC:

MUN Helps Students to Become Global Citizens

Lui Che Woo College Associate Master Prof Tam Sik Chung says that the event is very meaningful and provides an effective way to help students become global citizens, adding that this is one of the goals of UM’s residential college (RC) system.

Prof Tam finds it fascinating that the event provides a platform for students from different universities to practise their diplomacy skills and learn more about international relations. He adds if model UN conferences can be promoted among UM students mainly through the RC, it would be beneficial in the long run and would also inspire Macao students to engage more in youth platforms.

Prof Tam Sik Chung

UM Is More Than a University

Wang Xiaoyi, a student from the China Foreign Affairs University, joined this year’s conference as a delegate of China in the UN Economic and Social Council committee. She was mainly responsible for coordination, policy review, policy dialogue and recommendations for economic, social and environmental issues, as well as implementing internationally agreed-upon development goals.

She describes UM as a spacious university with spectacular scenery. The greatest attraction to her at UM is the hospitality and the friendliness of the students. She hopes to join similar conferences in Macao again.

Wang adds that this event allowed her to exchange ideas with students from different places, and in the process she made a lot of friends. In her opinion, young people should not just strive to improve their academic performance, they should also pay attention to current affairs and actively participate in extracurricular activities to broaden their horizons.

Wang Xiaoyi

EAMUNC: A Platform of Excellence

Li Weikai from the Southern University of Science and Technology acted as one of the dais of the UN Commission for Status of Women committee.

He describes EAMUNC as one of the excellent model UN conferences he has joined. He says that most of the delegates have high level academic abilities and every member tries their best to make a contribution. He has fallen in love with UM and looks foward to attending EAMUNC again next year on UM’s beautiful campus.

In his committee, the position of dais provides background information about a certain topic and delegates try their best to solve the problem. He believes that in the process, the younger generation will be able to learn more about these topics, adding that they will become more concerned about the world and will devote themselves to building a better future.

Li Weikai

MUNA Continues to Thrive Day by Day

MUNA held the first MUN in Macao a decade ago. Since then the association has organised several workshops, academic salons, and model UN conferences. It started to organise EAMUNC after UM relocated to its new campus on Hengqin Island. The association also organises the UM Model United Nations Conference every year in November.

Gao Mei Yu, a sophomore from Chao Kuang Piu College, majoring in international relations, is currently the president of MUNA. She describes this year’s conference as a great success. This is the first time the association has organised the social event outside the campus to give the delegates a different vibe.

She believes that this kind of conference can help Macao students engage more in international events, become more concerned about global issues, and improve their academic standards in international relations, language skills, negotiation skills, and diplomacy skills.  Members of the association wish to continue their journey in the coming days and also put more emphasis on promoting model UN conferences among Macao students.

Gao Mei Yu